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tv   Martin Bashir  MSNBC  March 2, 2012 12:00pm-1:00pm PST

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contraceptives, and thus pay for you to have sex. we want something for it. we want you to post the videos online so we can all watch. >> boehner and the boys refuse to muzzle him. >> they're so inappropriate. i don't know where to start. >> i don't see why anymore would not con deem this type of language. >> are you hearing from any republican senators snp. >> i hope the advertiser will consider pulling their support from him. >> enough of your poison pills mr. limbaugh. we start with the mouth that roared and wouldn't shut up. rush limbaugh couldn't resist using his e mor mouse microphone to berate, humiliate a young woman who dared to testify about women's reproductive rights. >> the woman comes forth with
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this hilarious claim that she's having so much sex and her buddy is with her, that she can't afford it. not one person says did you think about maybe backing off the amount of sex that you had. >> this comes just 24 hours after he compoundsed his contempt originally referring to her as a slut and prostitute with these words. >> if we are going to pay for your contraceptives and thus pay for you to have sex, we want something for it. i'll tell you what it is. we want you to post the videos online so we can watch be. >> just minutes after the rant today, the young woman received a telephone call from the president. a call she described to my colleague andrea mitchell. >> what feels really personal for me is he said to tell my parents that they should be proud, and that meant a lot
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because rush limbaugh questioned whether or not my family would be proud of me. >> this isn't about mr. limbaugh and his bigoted comments. this is about the gop and his war on women because mr. limbaugh is as my colleague chris matthews put it as the leading intellectual right. he's taken the covers off the war that the gop have been fighting. they run behind tea party rants about the economy, about bailout, about deficits. from day one they had an agenda and that was to take control of a woman's right to control her own body. with democrats demanding that republicans condemn here is how office responded. quote, the speaker obviously believes the use of those words
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was inappropriate, as is trying to raise money off the situation. i guess it is tough for mr. boehner to condemn a man who is regarding as the republican party's public spokesman. join ing us is now is colorado' spokeswoman. was it enough of a repudiation for you or is mr. boehner high bound by the fact that mr. limbaugh has been one of the republican party's most influential spokesman. >> miss fluke was asked to testify in front of a house committee that was having hearings on the birth control issue. that was the hearing where they had five men testifying about women's family planning and they refused to have miss fluke come and testify on the panel because
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as darrell issa said he didn't think she was qualified to talk about this matter. we had her come and testify in an informal hearing the next week. that's where she talked about the fact that her friend needed birth control because she had ovarian cancer and her tumor grew rapidly because she was unable to get insurance coverage. this is just offensive in every way. we think the house republicans should formally repudiate what rush limbaugh is saying because this whole thing started at a committee hearing that they themselves scheduled. >> this is their leading light. chris hat matthews calls him the spiritual leader. this is man that can snap his fingers and dick chaney is on the phone. we can't find a republican anywhere. >> i know. when you list, it makes me sick
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to my stomach to hear what rush limbaugh was saying. i was two daughters ages 18 and 22. i'm so proud of miss fluke for standing up and talking about women's reproductive health. nobody, nobody, especially a young woman who is just trying to state her opinion should be so raked over the coals like this. if rush limbaugh is the leader of the republicans, i'm doubly glad i'm a democrat. i think it's offensive. >> thank you very much for joining us. >> thank you. here is rush's response to miss fluke's appearance on andrea mitchell. >> parntsly sandra fluke told obama when he asked her if she's okay, she said that obama told
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her that she should tell her parents they should be proud. i'm going button my lip on that one. the president tells sandra fl e fluke, 30-year-old sandra fluke, parents should be proud. okay. >> okay. we turn to our panel, krystal ba ball. welcome to you both. apologies to darrell issa for being women. you and i were live on air when this whole thing erupted. both of us were disgusted. you decided to take action. what have you done? >> i got on twitter and i started voicing my concerns there. then, someone suggested to me
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the idea of let's put some pressure on his advertisers. the reason this guy is on air is because companies are sponsoring this vile trash. say to them, do you support these comments. if not, pull your ads. we are not going to patronize your companies until you do so. we started a twitter hashtag boycott o rush. this morning we launched a petition at it's really in its infancy. it has close to 10,000 signatures. this has struck a nerve. >> sleep train mattress said we don't condone negative comments directed toward any group. in response, we are pulling our ads with rush limbaugh and a second advertiser is also withdrawn. it's having an effect.
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>> that's right. select comfort said they will be pulling ads. other companies said they are considering doing the same. it's having a very real impact. i think rush limbaugh is feeling the heat. >> yes, indeed. i know very little about rush limbaugh so i skim read one of his books and i came across this quote. feminism was established to allow unattractive women to the mainstream of society. what is the man talking about? he sounds as if he's got real psychological difficults with the notion of women. >> he's got deep psychological difficults with a lot of people high pressure pe told a black collar to take the bone out of their nose and call him back. he's gotten away with this so long. he came of age in a different world. in a world where there wasn't social kbleed and public radio stages were public. now, he is part of an
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organization. his show is indicated by clear channel which gave him a $400 million contract. it's a private company taken by bane capital which is one reason romney should have the guts to say something about it. he is facing a world that people can fight back. there's no shareholders, the way to go at it is the advertisers. >> i want to play some more of rush to both you have that happen today. listen to this. >> republicans don't hate women, are not at war with women and never have been. it's absurd. >> that's his claim. i'm beginning to wonder whether rush limbaugh is having problems facing such a large microphone every day and whether it's beginning to debilitate his own sense of masculinity. >> he does seem to have a
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fixization with women. he's been married four of them. limbaugh seems to be unable to control his mouth. i don't think he's ready for the modern world. i see him like the waybilly crystal seemed in the oscars. he is obviously a sexist. he obviously has a problem with women. he doesn't understand the world he lives in now. >> he embraces the fact that he's a sexist. we're happy to be because that's what men are destined to be. he embraces the fact. he goes on the to say he thinks that's what women want. that's not what women want the the reason that this has struck such a nerve is because we witness what happened with komen pulling funding with planned parenthood and then the contraception scandal. now in texas we have 130,000 women, low income women about to
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lose all preventative care because of a battle with planned parenthood. when you put his comments in that context, that's why women are saying enough. we're done. this is too far. >> what do you think of the republican response or lack of response given that the president of the united states has now called this young lady. >> absolutely. that's what you're seeing here is the paralysis of the republican party when faced with anything that rush limbaugh does. the only thing they do is back down if they timidly criticize him. he came of age right after the roe v wade. this culture war took place where clear channel has these owned and operated rural stations where they are piping in right wing radio all day long. he's speaking to older and male
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and isn't in the modern world. he's also speaking to these terrified republicans who don't have the guts to stand up to him because they are afraid that base will erupt against them and vote against them. >> do you think rush limbaugh has given us a poison pill for him to be too difficult to swallow. >> i think his weapon, which has been his mouth, what proves fatal to him. this is too far especially when you contrast his deplorable comments with the class and measured response of sandra fluke and the class of the president calling her to support her, that's where the contrast comes in and people say, that's it. we're done. >> thank you so much for joining us. just to let viewers know. krystal will be on dylan's show in the next hour.
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next, rick santorum's mad and he's not going to take it anymore. stay with us. >> good old boys. that's it. good old boy network. have to change the rules after the game so they can win. that's pathetic. >> what are you dressed up for? >> we're the good old boys. ♪ never meaning no harm a big h. i got mixed up with some bargain brand cooking spray. look there's this new and improved pam. works 70% better than the bargain brand. why you gotta rub it in, pal? new pam helps you pull it off. i want to fix up old houses. ♪ [ woman ] when i grow up, i want to take him on his first flight. i want to run a marathon. i'm going to own my own restaurant. when i grow up, i'm going to start a band. [ female announcer ] at aarp we believe you're never done growing.
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now to the race for 2012, and there are signs that the santorum surge, gosh, i don't like saying santorum surge, it may be returning out of the steam. pollsters say the race is too close to call because a many as
12:17 pm
a third of voters could still change their mind and this may be why santorum is reaching into his bag of accusations and throwing out any conspiracy that he can find. >> the best chance for us to win is to not go along with the good old boys who always want to nominate a moderate. >> because if there's one thing the good old boys are known for it's moderation. joining us is julian epstien and julian peterson. rick won iowa, but romney got bounce. rick won an equal number of delegates until he didn't. is romney going to do it to rick all over again in ohio? >> i think so. i think the idea of rick santorum starting to flame out is about as surprising as rush limbaugh saying something stupid. in many ways not only is he
12:18 pm
flaming out because voters are seeing him as too extreme, but he's really the guy that should be credited with this race to the bottom. this bizarre race to the bottom that's been going on in the republican party the last two weeks with this war on women, war on contraception. this idea, people think that the scouts missing jeremy lin is the big story of the year. the republican voters missing the absurdity of rick santorum, the so far out of the mainstream, back to the flinstone era, that rick santorum represents. it's not only that rick santorum flames out but with this whole secment you had on rush limbaugh bvr the commercial break. what does mitt romney say at this point? >> if he's like any other republican, he'll say nothing. >> that is death for him.
12:19 pm
from a democrat's point of view that's a dream scenario in terms of ads for the fall. it's inexmy kabl when obama was at 38%, how they have managed to so superbly commit suicide here. i know the ides of march is the time for fratracide, but this is taking it too far. >> let me play you something else rick santorum said from the same event. >> you need to go to those caucuses, bring a few friends. all right, don't tell them where you're going, just say it's going to be fun. buy beer, whatever is necessary. >> i take that to mean the only way he can get people to vote for rick santorum is to get them drunk. my question so you is this, is there enough alcohol in the united states for rick santorum to win the nomination? >> absolutely not.
12:20 pm
there's not enough alcohol in the world to win the nomination. the fact that he's off a point here or there in ohio doesn't mean he's lost his surge, if he's had within. i still think that ohio is the kind of state that someone like rick santorum can do well in because of the ways his demographics overhappen with pennsylvania. the bottom line is what kind of options are the republican party presenting as candidates right now. ink across the board it's lacking. we have someone like rush limbaugh out in the front making the statement, it makes the rest of the folk a pretty weak pool to begin with look that much weaker. >> i thought we finished with the most ignorant kancandidates ranging from herman cain to someone like rick perry who cant remember things when speaking at a debate. you're suggesting that rick santorum has driven things even more into the ground.
12:21 pm
>> yes, it's race to the bottom. you think republican voters are wearing this t-shirt called i'm in love with stupid or i'm with stupid. these continued affairs they had with michelle bachmann and newt gingrich. if you compare it to the '08 election with obama and clinton, it was a fierce election but you didn't have situation where camps from the obama campaign and the clinton campaign hated each other, disliked each other, didn't think the other was electable. they had deep respect for one another. here in the republican party not only are you exposing deep rifts but the side that seems to be the rises star is this crazy out of touch, right wing, culture warrior, war on woman a faction of the party that's unelectable and they seem in this inexplicable race to the bottom to do this one upsmanship that
12:22 pm
they will not disavow lush limbaugh. the republican vs essentially fore gone the possibility of winning this presidential race and they should focus on the congressional elections. professional republicans believe that the republican ks not win the presidential race because of the absurdity of this primary process. >> thanks so much for joining us today. much more on the race for 2012 coming up. >> maybe i should just do the talking and let mhim stand here and watch me. ♪ [ johan ] hello, piper. nice up-do.
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louisville. bill, what have you got for us? >> we know we have a quarter mile tornado on the ground about 15 miles north of louisville. it has avoided the city of louseville itself. there's a lot of small towns across the boarder that we're watching the worst of the storms. they are actually two tornadic thunderstorms. there's the one that went through henriville. the storm cross interstate 65, it was reported as a multiple vortex tornado. that means it wasn't just one, it was like three or four dancing around. there's a lot of storm chasers that are tracking the storms. we'll move right along the ohio river there. if you're in madison area right along the ohio river, you need to take your family and get into shelter they had it on channel 3 there, they had a live picture on the
12:27 pm
ground. very impressive tornado. that's heading for the madison area. anyone knows anyone there, friends or family, call them up and tell them to get to the basement, bathtub with a mattress over there. we know there's a quarter mile wide tornado on the ground heading your way. there's another one right behind it. dr. greg forbes up this to ten. again, this just the beginning. it's now only 3:30 in this area. we'll continue with the storms further to the south as we go throughout the rest of the evening. the conditions are already ripe for the dangerous storms. so far no fatalities. it's early in the day. >> thanks for that serious warning. we'll be right back. frank! oh wow, you didn't win? i wanna show you something... it's my shocked face. [ gasps ] [ male announcer ] get a retirement plan that works...
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filled with flip-flops, good old boys, grandmas. here is the top lines. >> i'm not for the bill. >> he's flipped back to reality. >> maybe i should just do all the talking. >> it didn't take long because mitt always turns back into a pumpkin. >> i didn't understand the question. of course i support the blunt amendment. >> i thought you said. >> you remember what i said? i don't remember what i said. >> we just need to stay on the island. >> we didn't win by a lot, but we won. >> i'm not willing to light my hair on try to get support. >> and what's burning down here. >> let the folks in front of you crash and burn and move up at the end and try to win the race. >> i thought you said you were all right. >> i am all right. >> maybe i should just do all the talking. >> good old boys. >> good old boy network. >> what are you dressed up for?
12:32 pm
>> we're the good old boys. >> we have some real problems on our college campuses with political correctness. >> every halloween the trees are filled with underwear. every spring the toilets expl e explode. >> these elite snobs. >> my 93-year-old mom is someone that did get a college education in the 1930s. >> what a snob. >> yeah, what a snob. obama thinks everybody should go to college like he did. pardon me, but some of us weren't handed a ticket to harvard by being the biracial soften son of a mother on food stamps. >> that's what you call foot in the mouth disease. >> let's get right to our political panel. skblen, i'd like
12:33 pm
general men, i'd like to get to super tuesday. we have an important alert. an all points bulletin has been issued for this man, one, newt newt gingrich. he's described as a rotund white male with gray hair. the public has asked to pay particular attention for sightings of this company at zoos, cracker barrels and pawnshops that specialize in high end jewelry. glad we got that out of the way. what has become of newt? >> he's been eclipsed by rick santorum, but he won't go away because what else is he going to do. you say probably i've been written off twice before in this campaign and i came back twice before. maybe i can do it again. that probably cant happen. what's interesting is he is mitt romney's best friend in this race right now.
12:34 pm
i don't know if newt gingrich knows this but he's super pac funder, sheldon adelson made it clear he will keep funding that the money will not be used to attack romney. >> here is what newt said about his own chances. >> i have to win georgia. i think to be credible in the race. the following week we go alabama and mississippi, i think i'll win both of those. we have a good opportunity to win in kansas. >> that was the last time we saw newt gingrich. even if he does win georgia, how can he catch romney and santorum? >> that's before he appeared on the milk cartons. gingrich is whistling past to a degree here. everyone expects him to do well in georgia. as long as sheldon adelson keeps
12:35 pm
cutting the checks, he's likely to hang around. the real question is whether or not he can catch romney, but can he do enough damage to santorum to take him out of race. he speaks to where they live. we've also got a reporter who is catching the lastest of what's going on with him. >> i have to interrupt because we have now located gingrich. this is him live in brunswick, georgia. that's the power of this show. there he is. if i can move back to you. gingrich is using a robo call against rick santorum in georgia. take a listen. >> rick santorum talks a good game about hids blue collar
12:36 pm
roots. here is the record rick santorum doesn't want you to know about. as a senator from pennsylvania, santorum cozied up to the labor union bosses and voted for the afl-cio. >> that is really the best newt can do. that's not consistent with the poisonous bile we know he's capable of. >> it does speak to the problem. >> that's pathetic for newt. >> you're catering to southern conservative vote who are are hostile to unions. if you're going to attack rick santorum many making him unacceptable you will look at his friendliness to labor. it speaks to the demographic problem that santorum had and the demographic strength that gingrich had. he struggled in the panhandle of florida where you have these white evangelical conservatives. for gingrich, florida is where it's been at. you look at the ad and what he's
12:37 pm
saying about mississippi and indiana, that's a serious challenge for rick santorum. gingrich can hurt santorum in ohio. that's a close race in ohio. if gingrich is at 12% that, who is that hurting? >> thanks so much. please continue to look out for this row tunds white male. next, gas and more gas blowing from the right. stay with us. ♪ ♪ ♪ spread a little e today ♪ ♪ spread a little love my way ♪ ♪ spread a little something to remember ♪ ♪ ♪ spread a little joy... [ female announcer ] fresh milk and real cream. that's what makes philadelphia. ♪ so spread a little... [ female announcer ] and that's what makes the moment we enjoy it, a little richer. ♪ real belgian chocolate whipped with philadelphia cream cheese. new indulgence.
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wt tect the house. right. but... home security systems can be really expensive. so to save money, we actually just adopted a rescue panther. i think i'm goin-... shhh! we find that we don't need to sleep that much. there's an easier way to save. geico. fifteen minutes could save you fifteen percent or more. just as they were lurjing toward social issues, republicans have decided it's the price of gas that should be their focus as they attack the president. when the president took office in january of 2009, the average price of a gallon of gas was
12:41 pm
$1.79. todays the up to $3.58 and rising with some predicting five buck a gallon by summertime. republicans are pumping high ok tan fume offense their own. >> under my administration we have a near record number of oil rigs operating right now. more working oil and gas rigs than the rest of the world woman dines. anyone that tells you we with just drill our way out of this problem does not know what they're talking about or is not telling you the truth. >> john is a democrat from kentucky who serves on the ways and means committee. i want to discuss the weather in your area. a tornado on the ground just outside of louisville as i understand it. >> that's right. 25, 30 miles north of here. i just watched video of it before coming on with you. there's a report that it's decimated a high school in henriville, indiana. it's still on the ground.
12:42 pm
there are more storms west of us. there's a tornado on the ground in owensboro. this is a pretty serious storm. there's already been injuries. i don't know about any deaths. i hope anybody that's watching us around here will make sure that they are aware of the alerts and are prepared to go to a safe place. >> i'm sure they will appreciate and value that warning, sir. if i can move on. according to a new poll, fewer than one in five americans believe that the president is to blame for high gas prices. we know they are suggesting the president can control the price of gas is like suggesting that rudy giuliani could have prevented 9/11. i guess there are some politicians who would rather ignore the facts and launch the takes. is that right? >> we know we have a lot of politicians that are detached from reality. we have candidates that say we will have $2 gasoline.
12:43 pm
maybe we will, but it's unlikely they can do anything to make sure that happens and there's no evidence anywhere else in the world that's possible. remember, we were at the same situation back in 2008 under the bush administration. gasoline was at $4 a gallon and just a short time later it had gone down by half. the american public is pretty well attune to the fact that gasoline prices don't respond to the laws of supply and demand. a lot of this spike has been because of speculators that are betting on turmoil in the middle east cutting down oil supplies. there was one study that says if you have a ford explorer and you fill up $10 of that cost is attributable to speculation. i think the american people understand it's complicated and decide there's no one person to blame for pricing. >> the major oil companies receive $4 billion each year in
12:44 pm
taxpayer subsidies. they get this while earning billions in profits. given the profitability of these company, isn't the president right to claw back that $4 billion for the benefit of the nation? >> of course. that's $40 billion over the next ten years. i have to remind the republicans that back during the bush administration, george bush said that there's no justification for the subsidied oil companies once oil gets over $55 a barrel. you can check the video tape on that wp we're at twice that amount now. the oil companies are doing extremely well, record profits. i think $130 billion just last year in the top five oil companies. $40 billion a quarter. there's no justification for any kind of tax subsidy from the american taxpayer particularly at this high level of pricing for the barrels. >> indeed. before you go, i wanted to give
12:45 pm
you another opportunity to issue some kind of warning towards your concern about weather concerns, this massive tornado in your area. we'll leave you with a final word, if you like. >> thank you. i hope everybody in the southern indiana and kentucky area maybe sure they are close to safe place or in a safe place and following the weather alerts. this is a very, very damaging, destructive and deadly tornado on the ground already near us and looks like more on the way. take care. >> thank you, sir. >> thank you. >> we'll be right back. but um... ♪ sarah... will you marry me? ♪ i think we should see other people. in fact, i'm already seeing your best friend, justin. hey tim, she's in good hands buddy. love you.
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12:48 pm
one of the country's least trusted law enforcement officials have decided to worsen his on reputation by an take on the president. he's claiming after an exhaustive investigation that the president's birth certificate is a forgery.
12:49 pm
sheriff joe is the latest individual to feel there's no need to offer any respect to the current leader of the free world. joining us is goldie taylor. let's make it clear. sheriff joe's announcement had nothing to do with the justice department investigation into his team's use of racial profiling. it's got nood toog with the grand jury investigation into his investigation into public officials? nothing what so ever. >> you know that revenge politics is the way ov his world. to say it's not retaliation about how his department racially profiled people living in black and brown communities. it's beyond the pale possible this not outright retaliation.
12:50 pm
>> a month ago, slv joe said he met with rick santorum in phoenix and he told him what he was doing and mr. according to joe, had no problem with it. why do these republican candidates feel obliged to seek this man's endorsement given that his own reputation is frankly appalling by any standards. >> to take a swipe against someone like sheriff joe is to take a swipe against an entire sector of the republican party. these are voters where someone like rick santorum wants to keep in his tent. that's unfortunate. it's unfortunately they don't have the guts and the integrity to stand up and speak out against this kind of trash. >> now we're seeing this kind of rude and obnoxious behavior towards the president as that picture of the president being snapped of jan brewer, pointing a finger, as you know. and the racist e-mail sent by
12:51 pm
richard cebull. i'm sure you heard about it making references to the president's mother. >> i have indeed. i heard a lot of colleagues call this the politics of otherness. this is their way of calling the president something else, like muslim, like illegal immigrant. >> but like the product of a bestial act? >> so they can get around saying what they want to say and that word we won't use today. but this is just a cover for their own bigotry. >> judge letter of apology. he said, honestly, i don't know what else i can do. i have a good idea of what he should do. he should resign. >> resign immediately and joe should go after him. >> you think the sheriff as well? >> i think he should resign, but i don't think he will.
12:52 pm
the kinds of information we're finding out about this sheriff, it's a severe misuse of office at the very least. and in terms of the racial profiling in the communities he's sworn to protect and serve, i think it is absolute mall thesis. >> everybody who is watching this is warning that this is just the start. as the months progress towards november, this is going to get worse. do you think it is? >> you know what i love about it? what i love about it is it's going to remind people that there's a reason to go to the polls this fall. i think this is a bad miscalculation on their part. if they believe they can incite this kind of hatred and the american people won't respond, they tried this in 2008 and president obama is in the white house today. >> goldie taylor, thank you so much. we'll be right back. ♪
12:53 pm
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it's time now to clear the air. sheriff arpaio has been in front of the cameras proclaiming that the president's birth certificate is a forgery. >> the investigators believe that the long form birth certificate was manufactured electronically and it did not originate in a paper format as claimed by the white house. >> he presented no evidence for this ludicrous claim, but that's nothing new for this beacon of law enforcement. just to be clear, the timing of arpa arpaio's press conference has nothing to do with the fact he's under investigation for the most blatant racial profiling in modern times. it's worth noting when rick santorum spoke at an event in phoenix last month, sheriff joe
12:57 pm
apparently told him about his so-called investigation and mr. santorum had no problems with what i was doing. interesting. now i need to confess that sheriff joe and i have a little history. two years ago i was given the privilege of spending some time with him in his jail, in his home, and in his squad car. racing to locations where he might find law-abiding people of mexican extraction and checking to see if they are illegal immigrants. two years later, the justice department says sheriff joe has been engaged in "a pattern or practice of misconduct that violates the constitution and federal law." that would be racial profiling and unprovoked searches. still according to rick santorum, he has no problem with sheriff joe. but i just wanted to mention a few other things that might affect your willingness to believe anything that comes from
12:58 pm
the mouth of this man. in 1996, 14 of sheriff joe's detention officers were captured on video violently assaulting an inmate. he subsequently died. the family was paid over $8 million in settlement, but sheriff joe's department has never been able to explain how his larns disappeared. then in 2003, he decided to organization a prostitution sting. as parts of the investigation, he allowed his deputies to strip naked. and some of them ended up following the call of nature engaging in sex acts with the alleged hookers. as a result, the county attorney refused to prosecute any of the women because he said sheriff joe's ob ratives had deviated from standard investigative practices. now sheriff joe wants us to believe that his six-month investigation has proved that the president's birth certificate is a forgery.
12:59 pm
but the only thing that has been proven beyond any doubt is the rank stupidity of herman cain, rick perry, michele bachmann, mitt romney, and rick santorum, all of whom have sought this discredited and ridiculous man's endorsement. now that you really can believe. thanks so much for watching. matt miller is in for dylan ratigan. he's ready to take us forward. matt, what do you got? >> some great points. i feel like an interlobar. the handoff has been legendary television. i'm honored to be here. >> it's a relief sometimes to have a change. >> well, we have some great stuff on tap in the next hour. we have buddy roemer. we have more on the gop war on contraception. plus 24/7 access to gourmet


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